How to respond to current workforce challenges?

Andrew Vaux – Head of Independent  Healthcare , Practicus 2020 is the first year that IHPN has run its industry barometer survey to take the temperature of the independent healthcare sector and the challenges and opportunities facing its leaders. In the context of COVID-19 and, of course, it makes sense to bring leaders together for… Continue reading How to respond to current workforce challenges?

How does Clinical Leadership and Engagement support the Delivery of Sustainable Change?

On Thursday 19th September, Practicus ran a roundtable discussion for clinicians, including CEOs, COOs and Senior Directors and Chief Nurses to focus on the challenges of delivering sustainable change from a clinical perspective. The event was well attended and chaired by Andrea O’Connell, Executive Director of Nursing.

Insights from a Business Architect in the London Market

Now that the CEO of Lloyd’s of London, John Neal, has released his strategy aimed at shaping the future of the world’s (re)insurance market, we thought we’d canvass the thoughts of one of the London Market’s best Business Architects. Tim Scott-Simmons looks at the threats and opportunities facing businesses in this space. Tim has 15… Continue reading Insights from a Business Architect in the London Market

Community Testimonial: Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman, CEO at Alliance Medical Group talks to us about the benefits of being part of the Practicus Community and how it can be used to solve business problems. When Mark Chapman, the CEO of Alliance Medical mused on whether his business strategy was right, he decided to take a brave step into the… Continue reading Community Testimonial: Mark Chapman

Who Should Lead Data Strategy?

by Ben Culora. As boardrooms across the world grapple with shaping a data-driven future for their business, there is real danger in believing the need for change lies outside of the room. Pete Williams, data evangelist and innovator, explores how companies need to adjust their thinking if they want to change their results. There’s a… Continue reading Who Should Lead Data Strategy?