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We are a leading provider of Interim management services delivering highly specialised and senior executives to the NHS for 17 years. 
From clinical, to operational and functional appointments, our network of skilled and experienced professionals is second to none.  

We offer hand-picked, pre-qualified and fully referenced Interims. All our Interims are outcome-focussed, and tailored to address the areas
in which you specifically need support. We offer unrivalled support service to clients and candidates.

Whatever your challenge in commissioning or provisioning health services, we can help – whether it’s single interim appointments, consultancy projects or building blended teams of high-performing professionals.

what we do

attracting exceptional talent

Our services yield results in terms of attracting exceptional talent. We respond flexibly and sensitively to the needs of our client, bringing deep knowledge and drive as part of our approach to providing outstanding candidates and services.

supporting our consultants

Our success lies in our team of consultants, who understand the complexity of the healthcare market and the challenges the NHS faces.  Our Community of Experts for ideas and experience. Their hindsight transforms into your foresight.

Undersrtanding NHS needs

We asked some of our Interims and Clients, pre-pandemic for candid views on what they would change. Their insights are still valid today, while NHS reforms are taking shape.
Our What If report reveals the many ideas shared that still resonnate today.


Secondary & Acute

We provide consultants (Band 8A & above and VSMs) to fulfill critical leadership roles and skills gaps. We work with regional ICSs and with national bodies across the UK. They excel in delivering operational efficiencies and improvements.
Examples of functional assignments include

  • Operations & Performance management
  • Project & Programme management
  • Governance & legal structures
  • Commissioning & Procurement
  • Service pathways development
  • Patient safety
  • Environmental management (Net-Zero)
  • Workforce Planning and E-Rostering
  • Finance systems management
  • Capital & Estates management
  • Maternity Services
  • Mental health services



NHS leaders  including COOs, CFOs, CEO’and Turnaround Directors discuss their thoughts and innovative suggestions on how we can deliver and maintain sustainable change within the healthcare sector.  Although pre-pandemic, many of the ideas resonate more than ever.


We invited CEOs, Accountable Officers and Programme Directors working in the NHS in the North West to focus on the challenges of delivering sustainable integrated care. The event was led by Sir David Dalton, who also shared his own thoughts on how key challenges can be overcome.

Case studies

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Meet our NHS team

Practicus Consultants have a track record in delivering the right candidates with the right skills. They  understand the NHS challenges.
We take time in the briefing dicussion to fully understand your needs and objectives. We then help you find the right person.
We pre-qualify all our candidates so you can choose the best.

Sian Williams - Practicus Consultant
Sian Williams
South England
Mark Payne - Practicus Consultant
mark payne
east of England
Lisa Lloyd - Practicus Consultant
Raj bharavda Practicus Consultant
Rajiv Bharadva
London (south)
Andrew Panos
Andrew Panos
London (north)
Kirsy Lavender
Kirsty Lavender
North West/East
Kirsy Lavender
Mandi cox
Delivery consultant

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